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Prefabrication, Assembly, Welding


  • Chemical industry

    Prefabrication and assembly of stainless steel pipelines in Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Production Plant,  2009-2010

  • Petrochemical industry

    Prefabrication of pipelines made from CuNi 9010 alloy for 22 skids (FRANCE), 2012

  • Power generation industry

    Realization of 2 skids „Pilot Oil Units” made from carbon and stainless steel for the power plant (DENMARK) 2014

  • Metallurgical industry

     Prefabrication and assembly of pipelines and collectors with frames, made from stainless steel, for the industrial plant producing manganese (NORWAY), 2013

  • Pulp and paper industry, woodworking industry

    Assembly of pipelines with prefabrication and assembly of stainless steel supports for the paper machines for PM5 Project for the German client (GERMANY), 2012

  • Water treatment and environmental protection

    Manufacturing of scrubbers from 254 SMO, Alloy 31, Duplex, 316L and combination of steels above (NORWAY), 2015

  • Pharmaceutical industry

    Manufacturing of two process tanks  for the coating and coloring tablets, material: stainless steel 316L (GERMANY), 2014

  • Food processing industry

    Prefabrication and assembly of stainless steel pipelines- high pressure (850 bar) nitrogen installation  (GERMANY), 2012

  • Shipbuilding and ofshore

    Manufacturing and assembly of Flotation Units  with piping being part of waste water treatment systems on the Cruises Ships, made from stainless steel for our Norwegian client (NORWAY), 2013 - 2015

  • Civil Engineering

    Prefabrication and assembly of pipelines of air-conditionning and heating installation under construction project of the Invasive Medicine Center (POLAND) 2010-2011


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